Hear what the VoiceGurus have to say
NXP Software, a world leader in mobile multimedia software, recently launched the VoiceGurus blog, dedicated to providing comprehensive information on all aspects of voice technology for mobile devices. As acoustic experts, NXP has been developing voice enhancement algorithms – such as noise suppressors and echo cancelers – for almost a decade. VoiceGurus offers news coverage and insightful information on voice technology.

“As VoiceGurus, we’ll be looking at the challenges of delivering high quality voice experience on mobile devices. We will give our insights and opinions”, says Ralf Funken, Product Manager Voice enhancements at NXP Software. “We want you to get involved in the discussion. What’s on your mind about the new world of voice calling? Our regular blogging team is ready to share news, opinions and technical and market insights every week on this blog.”

VoiceGurus brings NXP Software’s knowledge and expertise in voice to a wider audience. With years of experience in delivering the best sound and video quality on the world’s leading mobile platforms, NXP Software is in a prime position to meet the challenges – from new operating systems with built-in speech recognition to phones with multiple microphones. Phone manufacturers, OEM’s and service providers can benefit from articles on www.voicegurus.com.

“We have the signal processing knowledge in house that enables us to create state-of-the-art voice algorithms that overcome the acoustical limitations of a mobile phone or tablet by taking them into the design of the algorithm right from the start”, says Ralf Funken. “Our software can take advantage of multiple microphones on the device and deliveres the quality needed for new applications and services like VoIP and speech recognition.”

Visit www.voicegurus.com.