LifeVibes VoiceExperience delivers clear and natural voice calling to all mobile devices. LifeVibes VoiceExperience enhanced speech processing algorithms include improved bandwidth extension and 2-microphone noise suppression in speakerphone mode.

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Oppo integrates VoiceExperience into N3 smartphone.

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Some people speak loudly. Some people speak softly. Face-to-face, that just adds to the rich experience of communicating with different people. But on a mobile device, it can be a problem.

Depending on how people hold the handset or because they are using the speakerphone, the distance between the microphone and the person’s mouth can change. Quiet speakers become inaudible. Loud talkers’ voices get distorted. Either way, what they are saying can become difficult to understand.

WhisperMode in LifeVibes VoiceExperience compensates for volume variations within and between calls. It does this by automatically aligning the device’s microphone level to a pre-set reference. This allows it to adjust for different speaking volumes and distances from the microphone as well as variations caused by network conditions. So whoever is talking, they will always be clear and intelligible.

End-user benefit

  • You are always understandable whether you’re whispering or shouting
  • Your voice keeps the same level no matter how far you are away from the phone
  • In conference calls, everyone’s voice is heard at the same level

Device maker benefit

  • Automatic adjustment to pre-set reference level
  • Robust against background noise

Product Overview


  • Noise suppression
  • Echo cancellation
  • Horn suppression
  • LoudnessMaximizer
  • Android pre-integrated
  • Multimicrophone
  • Volume adjustment
  • Supports HD Voice