LifeVibes VoiceExperience delivers clear and natural voice calling to all mobile devices. LifeVibes VoiceExperience enhanced speech processing algorithms include improved bandwidth extension and 2-microphone noise suppression in speakerphone mode.

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Oppo integrates VoiceExperience into N3 smartphone.

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Slimmer, more attractive handset designs mean using smaller speakers that produce less power. That makes it difficult to hear calls in noisy environments.

Device makers can compensate by driving speakers beyond their rated power. But that causes clipping distortion making the call unintelligible, and reduces speaker lifetimes leading to a poor reputation for quality.

LoudnessMaximizer in LifeVibes VoiceExperience solves this problem. It analyzes the input audio signal to the speaker to maximize the average output while minimizing distortion. As a result, LoudnessMaximizer ensures optimal intelligibility in noisy environments – for both handset and speaker mode.

LoudnessMaximizer can be combined with ActiveVoiceContrast – making it the ultimate solution for understanding conversations no matter how noisy the environment. While LoudnessMaximizer increases overall volume without distortion, ActiveVoiceContrast analyzes local noise and optimizes intelligibility for your current environment.

End-user benefits

  • Always hear your conversation in even the noisiest environments
  • Works in handset and speaker mode
  • Allow mini-conferencing anywhere

Device maker benefits

  • Increases the receive loudness rating (RLR) of small; low cost speakers
  • No pumping artefacts
  • Limits signal amplitude to restrict

Product Overview


  • Noise suppression
  • Echo cancellation
  • Horn suppression
  • LoudnessMaximizer
  • Android pre-integrated
  • Multimicrophone
  • Volume adjustment
  • Supports HD Voice