Handsfree and NoiseVoid

LifeVibes VoiceExperience delivers clear and natural voice calling to all mobile devices. LifeVibes VoiceExperience enhanced speech processing algorithms include improved bandwidth extension and 2-microphone noise suppression in speakerphone mode.

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HandsFree & NoiseVoid

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Mobile devices mean you can make calls anywhere – even on speakerphone. But the device’s microphone also picks up all the surrounding ambient noise and even the voice of the person on the other end of the line, also known as echo. At best that’s annoying. At worst it makes communication almost impossible. HandsFree and NoiseVoid within LifeVibes VoiceExperience enable crystal clear conversations anywhere. They combine Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) with best-in-class noise suppression. So the person on the other end just hears you – not themselves and not the background noise. HandsFree’s AEC plus 1-mic noise suppression is ideal for ‘super hands-free’ or long-range speakerphone use up to 3 meters. Its anti-reverberation algorithm reduces the impact of acoustic reflections to deliver a clear sound with much improved intelligibility. NoiseVoid offers AEC plus 2-mic noise suppression. This allows it to detect the direction of the talker’s voice and ignore other sounds. The result is even more effective noise suppression while keeping speech clear and natural. NoiseVoid complies with even the strictest operator requirements.

End-user benefits

  • Be easily understood even on speakerphone up to 3 meters from your handset
  • Effective suppression of ambient noise and no echo

Device maker benefits

  • Best-in-class noise suppression for 1 or 2 microphones with natural speech quality
    • 10-12 dB suppression for HandsFree (*)
    • Around 30 dB suppression for NoiseVoid (*)
  • Supports handset, handheld speaker, desktop speaker and super hands-free modes
  • Delivers sufficient loudness and full duplex operation while meeting global operator requirements, including AT&T.

* Tunable

Product Overview


  • Noise suppression
  • Echo cancellation
  • Horn suppression
  • LoudnessMaximizer
  • Android pre-integrated
  • Multimicrophone
  • Volume adjustment
  • Supports HD Voice