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LifeVibes VideoExperience software intelligently enhances video to utilize the full potential of the device screen. By enhancing, upscaling and sharpening SD and HD video end-users experience crystal clear and super sharp video. It recreates the rich experience that would normally only come with higher resolution and higher bandwidth video.

HD Mobile Screens

Unlock the video potential of cutting edge mobile displays with LifeVibes video solutions


Crystal clear up-scaling and sharpening for your Standard-Definition movies

Advanced scaling

Provide the HD living-room experience with Standard Definition content, on any screen

Strong history in Video Processing

NXP Software has access to strong knowledge about video processing. Our expertise is in efficiently unlocking the potential of next generation mobile platforms: leveraging the GPU for Video processing. Our roots are in (HD)TV enhancements with Philips. Our experienced team introduced cutting edge video enhancements successfully to the mainstream market; TriMension (TV); All2HD products (deployed in WinDVD for PC); QuickPlayer and CineXplayer (mobile platforms).

VideoExperience HD and Mobile Video Quality

Quality of Experience of mobile screens growing faster then content The screens of current mobile devices have evolved to screen resolutions beyond HD. Mobile displays can show video at more than 250 pixels per inch (PPI). Most mobile video content is still offered in Standard Definition (SD). The High Definition video (HD) is mostly 720p. This gap can be bridged with smart video algorithms. LifeVibes VideoExperience HD provides these algorithms and increases the viewing experience of end-users significantly.

Unlock the impact of cutting-edge displays

High quality up-scaling SD>HD VideoExperience brings HDTV living room experience to mobile devices. Did you know that people can observe more details on a 10″ tablet than on a 42″ TV! The reading distance to mobile device screen gives us a sharp eye.  The viewing experience is a key element of the perception of a mobile device. With high quality SD-to-HD up-scaling viewers experience the full-potential of their device. Resolution Enhancements

  • Resolution enhancement
  • Matching video quality to the high definition screen
  • Intelligently added pixel detail
  • Thin line preservation
  • Increase perceived color & depth

Advanced Sharpness

  • HD sharpness to all your SD content
  • Exploit display capabilities to the max
  • Perfect sharp scaling to screen resolution

The SuperSharp wow effect

Screen technologies have never been so exciting. Your latest device may offer extremely high resolution or even auto-stereoscopic 3D. But most content is still delivered in Standard Definition resolution and 2D. So for users, the viewing experience is far less exciting than their screen. And that’s disappointing from a cutting-edge device. LifeVibes VideoExperience uses picture enhancement technology from top of the range TVs to deliver a quality of experience that matches the quality of the screen, whatever the source material.

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Product Overview

  • Living-room TV quality enhancement
  • Real-time software solution
  • Optimized for leading mobile platforms



  • SD to HD up-scaling and sharpening
  • 3D rendering
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Deployment via pre-integration on mobile platforms
  • Deployment via downloadable app