LifeVibes QuickPlayer delivers premium video experience everywhere by utilizing and optimizing every step in the video delivery process. QuickPlayer enables content providers to deliver video in high quality, secure and at low cost.

HQ user experience

High quality video experience across multiple devices and major platforms both online and offline! Read more...

Cost effective

Cost effective video engine which reduces encoding and saves storage space and bandwidth. Read more...

Fast deployment

Efficient deployment and integration on all major platforms with excellent global support. Read more...

High Quality user experience at reduced operational costs

NXP Software has fast tracked the development of the LifeVibes QuickPlayer for the demanding premium content streaming market. Our focus is on the key benefits for the content providers by increasing efficiency for streaming video content to the mobile end-user on multiple platforms. With easy deployment and global support from NXP Software the content providers can implement the LifeVibes video solutions and reduce overall costs.

QuickPlayer from Service Provider to End User

LifeVibes QuickPlayer delivers premium video experience everywhere by utilizing and optimizing every step in the video delivery process.

Large market coverage

LifeVibes QuickPlayer is designed to run on major platforms. QuickPlayer runs on Android versions from 2.2 to 4.x. which covers thousand of mobile devices from leading smart device makers.

Monetization and security

LifeVibes QuickPlayer provides many security features in order to protect your business and secure your funding. QuickPlayer supports many business models like subscription, pay per view, in app purchasing and advertisement. Together with security partners we focus on a highly secure solution so Service Providers can focus on their business.

Premium user experience everywhere

How do you deliver a premium user experience? By streaming High Quality uninterrupted video under all circumstances and provide your viewers with DVD-like video features such as multiple languages, subtitling and playback controls.

One of the prime features of LifeVibes QuickPlayer is Offline Streaming, which enables users to watch video everywhere, even without network connection. Here is a Offline Streaming video demo.

Product Overview

LifeVibes QuickPlayer is an HLS-based software player solution for Live TV and VoD that covers the full range of Android versions and devices. It offers a safe, rapid way to monetize content in the rapidly expanding Android video services market. LifeVibes QuickPlayer is an ideal engine for live and on-demand video services, it brings living-room quality audio and video to tablets and smartphones. It allows end-users to enjoy premium (secured) movies, TV and events.


  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for Android
  • Codec: H.264 Baseline/Main Profile
  • Multi language: multiple audio tracks, subtitles
  • Several business models support: subscription, ads, in app purchase
  • DRM/CAS: Verimatrix ViewRight, Microsoft PlayReady
  • Premium video use cases: Live TV and VoD. HLS download
  • Application & Content Security: anti-rooting, anti-debugging, obfuscation...
  • HD resolution (720p/1080p) with hardware decoding for range devices