Boost the experience

Delight your ears. LifeVibes MusicFX control panel lets you access and control a rich set of audio enhancements.

Richer sounds

Enjoy rich, natural audio with powerful bass, crystal-clear treble and stereo-widening for mobile headphones and speakers. 

Developed by experts

We’re specialists in audio for Android. Through the Open Handset Alliance, we jointly developed the audio enhancements and effects framework in Android.

Download LifeVibesMusicFX and you can instantly access exciting additional audio effects for your Android music player. (It works with Android version 2.3 or later.) The control panel provides an easy to use menu that lets you switch on / off effects such as bass boost, equalizer and 3D sound.

If you’re an application developer, you can use LifeVibes MusicFX in your app. The panel is fully compatible with the audio enhancements built into the Android audio effects framework. And it supports the Android “intents” mechanism so it’s easy to integrate with any media application.

Product Overview

Download LifeVibesMusicFX


  • Downloadable app to access and control enriched audio effects on Android devices
  • Bass boost, equalizer, stereo widening for headphones
  • Delivers optimal player performance and richer enhancements on devices with
  • LifeVibes SoundExperience pre-installed
  • Extended version available for handset makers to support SoundExperience