With our LifeVibes MediaShare software solution mobile device makers enable users to easily edit and share downloaded and recorded videos with their friends and family. The video content is optimized for high quality viewing and low bandwidth usage.

Say it in pictures

Special experiences deserve to be shared. Frame grabbing, fast visual trimming and animated thumbnails let users capture the best moments with ease.

Live it, share it

Live it, then share it. “Fit2Share” automatically tailors videos for sending / uploading via: emails, social network sites (Facebook, YouTube), MMS.

Top performance

Share without hesitation. With fast or frame- accurate extraction and our unique ultra-fast trimming, video is edited in no time. With no strain on the battery!

Product Overview

LifeVibes MediaShare automatically fits content to share via email or social media sites. It works with all content and downloaded apps. Users can manually and visually trim videos from a gallery or camera. LifeVibes MediaShare also automatically adjusts video for quick uploading and sharing.


  • Easy media sharing for user video content
  • Handles all popular mobile formats
  • Fast or frame-accurate video frame extraction
  • Thumbnail-based visual trimming
  • Virtually instantaneous trimming
  • Fit2Share MMS & SNS maximum file size
  • Supports HD recorded video
  • App plug-in for pre-integration with Android tablets and smartphones