AudioCapture for mobile phones

LifeVibes AudioCapture enables pristine audio recording to all mobile devices. LifeVibes AudioCapture advanced audio processing algorithms include wind noise suppression, audio zooming, stereo noise suppression.

Robust audio enhancement

LifeVibes AudioCapture audio enhancements focusses on what you really want to record

Multiple use cases

The omnidirectional microphone configuration can be used for all audio and video use cases

Pure software solution

LifeVibes AudioCapture offers high quality audio regardless of hardware platform.


Capturing on mobile has evolved significantly over past years. For example mobile phones are rapidly replacing digital camera’s as it is becoming easy to fit HD and 4K camera’s on the mobile. High fidelity audio capturing on mobile on the other hand remains challenging, due to the limited space to fit microphones, limited shielding of microphones against wind and the usage of (cheaper) omni-directional microphones. Consumers are replacing their other capturing devices by their mobile and expect high-quality audio captures in all situations: while capturing voice, meetings, music outdoors in windy conditions.

LifeVibes AudioCapture

LifeVibes AudioCapture provides state-of-the-art audio enhancements for mobile devices such as smartphones, feature phones and tablets. Amongst others, AudioCapture includes two microphone noise suppression, audio zooming, wind noise suppression, that allows end users to make higher quality audio captures of music, audio during camcording, interviews, meeting recordings. AudioCapture focuses on what the end user experienced when he was making his capture and suppresses sounds not heard by the end user (e.g., the crackling sound of wind on the microphones). As such, AudioCapture allows the end user to re-experience the moment as close as possible to the original.

LifeVibes AudioCapture is a platform-independent full-software solution, allowing device manufacturers to achieve consistent capturing quality across different vendors’ hardware platforms such as baseband modems, application processors, SoCs and audio codecs. The solution has also been integrated in Android and Windows Phone devices.

OEM benefits

  • Reuse existing omnidirectional mic configurations to enhance audio capturing performance. No need for different microphone positions than needed for voice calling enhancements.
  • Pure software solution, offering same audio quality regardless of hardware platform.

End user Benefits

  • Make higher quality captures of music, audio for video, interviews, meetings, etc.
  • Capture what you experience, nothing more.
  • Anywhere anytime, even outdoors in windy conditions.

Product Overview

Advanced audio enhancement solution for mobile devices with idle-channel noise suppression and wind noise suppression.


  • Proven Android solution
  • Hardware independent