Lifevibes AudioSense

LifeVibes AudioSense is the latest technology that makes mobile devices context aware by using microphones as always on sensors that detect the current situation and behavior of the device user.

Context Awareness

Interview at Mobile World Congress 2015 about context awareness software. Watch video..

Product AudioSense

Video explaining our VoiceExperience and AudioSense products. Watch video..

LifeVibes ContextSense 

The human ear is a sense organ that not only hears sounds, it detects the direction and intensity of sound, it discriminates multiple audio streams at the same time and with our perception a trained ear can make us aware of the situation we are in and what is happening in our surroundings.


LifeVibes ContextSense by NXP Software adds acoustic sensing to mobile devices and opens up a range of fascinating new use cases. Mobile phones and tablets can detect and adapt to the situation they are in and provide end-users pro-actively with context aware content, features and functionality.


LifeVibes ContextSense is a multi-microphone solution that adds new capabilities to mobile devices and enhances the accuracy of existing sensors. Combining LifeVibes ContextSense with LifeVibes VoiceExperience makes the solution even more powerfull.

Device Maker benefits

  • Easy to integrate.
  • High accuracy.
  • Enhances accuracy of other sensors, e.g. Motion context.
  • Add Context Awareness to devices.
  • Low power processing.
  • Local and cloud processing.
  • Tested on Android, available for other platforms.
  • Google Play Services framework DectectedActivity.

End user benefits

  • Pro-active adaption of device to users day-to-day activities.
  • Increasing accuracy (of current sensors).
  • Applications that benefit from ContextSense: Health/Fitness, Navigation, Social Media, Multimedia, Business, Time tracking, etc.

Example use cases

  • Automatic Social Media status updates: “In train”, “In car”, “Sleeping”.
  • Adapt the volume of the ringtone to the environmental noise level: In a quiet environment your ringtone will sound soft; turn on vibration in noisy environment.
  • Adapt UI to context: increase button size in car for better interaction.
  • Adapt functionality: In car mode starts reading incoming messages.
  • Safety features: detect hazardous situations and inform end-user.


Product Overview

NXP Software's LifeVibes AudioSense is an easy to integrate software solution


  • Always-on audio
  • Low power processing
  • Android tested
  • Local processing
  • Cloud processing