Voice Enhancements

LifeVibes VoiceExperience


LifeVibes VoiceExperience provides state-of-the-art voice calling enhancements for mobile devices such as smartphones, feature phones and tablets. VoiceExperience includes two microphone noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation that allows device manufacturers to deliver voice quality that exceeds mobile operator requirements. This solution enables consumers to make phone calls under normal and noisy conditions, both in handheld and speakerphone mode.

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LifeVibes SoundExperience


LifeVibes SoundExperience is a suite of audio enhancements for media players on any platform. It delivers rich, natural 3D audio, with full 5.1 and 7.1 home cinema surround sound. Enhancements include bass boost, treble enhancement, an equalizer and a spectrum analyzer. Users can enjoy 3D audio on headphones, handsets and tablet speakers. Automatic volume leveling ensures different tracks play at the same level. And a ‘loudness maximizer’ gets the most from mobile devices’ small speakers for music playback and ringtones.

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Video Solutions

LifeVibes VideoExperience


VideoExperience brings HDTV living room experience to mobile devices. LifeVibes VideoExperience software intelligently enhances video to utilize the full potential of the device screen by enhancing, upscaling and sharpening SD and HD video content. VideoExperience creates the rich experience that would normally only come from higher resolution and higher bandwidth video. A gooed viewing experience is a key element of a mobile device. With VoiceExperience viewers can unleash the full-potential of their mobile device.

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LifeVibes CineXPlayer


CineXPlayer is the mobile video player that makes you enjoy High Quality video on your mobile devices. CineXPlayer has native support for the popular AVI format so you can start enjoying your video on your mobile device fast and easy, without the need to convert them. Just drag your video to your device and start watching. You can save full movie files with theCineXPlayer app and watch them everywhere, even without an internet connection. CineXPlayer helps you share movie recommendations and organizes your video collection. CineXPlayer is free and available for iOs, Android and Kindle Fire.

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LifeVibes QuickPlayer


How do you deliver a Premium Video Experience? By streaming DVD Quality uninterrupted video to mobile devices under all circumstances. Provide your viewers with DVD video features such as multiple languages, subtitling and playback controls. One of the prime features of LifeVibes QuickPlayer is Offline Streaming, which enables users to watch video everywhere, even without network connection. Watching streaming content has never been so easy and convenient.

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LifeVibes MediaPlayer


LifeVibes MediaPlayer extends media devices so consumers can play any content in any format and stream video over any protocol. It delivers a high quality user experience, including support for HD video and 5.1 audio, along with quick start-up for streaming online video. Moreover, seamless integration with popular hardware means fast time-to-market.

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LifeVibes MediaShare


LifeVibes MediaShare automatically fits content to share via email or social media sites. It works with all content and downloaded apps. Users can visually trim videos from a gallery or camera. Share without hesitation. With fast or frame- accurate extraction and our unique ultra-fast trimming, video is edited in no time. With no strain on the battery!

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LifeVibes MusicFX


Download LifeVibes MusicFX and you can instantly access exciting additional audio effects for your Android music player. (It works with Android version 2.3 or later.) The control panel provides an easy to use menu that lets you switch on and off effects such as bass boost, equalizer and 3D sound.

If you’re an application developer, you can use MusicFX in your app. MusicFXl is fully compatible with the audio enhancements built into the Android audio effects framework.

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