VeriSilicon is a Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaSTM) company that provides IP-centric, platform based custom silicon solutions and end-to-end semiconductor turnkey services for a wide range of applications across a wide variety of end markets including mobile internet devices, datacenters, the Internet of Things, wearable electronics, smart homes, and automotive.

Optimized for signal processing computations

VeriSilicon’s silicon platforms include licensable ZSP® (digital signal processor) based HD audio, HD voice, multi-band and multi-mode wireless platforms, Hantro HD video platforms, mixed signal NUI (natural user interface) platforms for voice, motion and touch interface. VeriSilicon’s custom silicon turnkey service encompasses design service that combines its technology solutions and value-added mixed signal IP portfolio targeted for a wide range of process technology nodes, including advanced nodes like 28nm and FD-SOI and provide product engineering service for System on a Chip (SoC) as well as System in a Package (SiP).

VeriSilicon Digital Signal Processors are specialized processors optimized for signal processing computations and data flow. VeriSilicon’s ZSP Digital Signal Processor cores strike the perfect balance between performance, power consumption and cost for a wide range of applications including multimedia, voice and wireless.

VeriSilicon was founded in 2002 and its headquarter isin Shanghai, China. VeriSilicon has over 450 employees with six R&D/design centers in China, U.S. and Finland and it has nine sales offices worldwide to support customer designs. Source.
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