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Welcome to VoiceGurus, the blog by NXP Software that deals with everything about voice on mobile devices. NXP Software has been developing voice enhancement software such as noise suppressors and echo cancelers for mobile devices ever since we were set up in 2004. Even though you can do virtually everything these days with your smartphone, making a voice call remains one of the key functions of a phone.

We’re absolutely passionate about voice quality. We work with device manufacturers and platform vendors to not only make their devices comply with operator requirements, we also help them to get the best possible call quality from the hardware they use. Our customers are key device manufacturers such as Samsung and LGE. Together with them we have deployed our voice technology in over 700 million devices in the market.

Recently, a few factors have really focused the industry’s attention on voice. One is the growth of data services and OTT VoIP – which is a major challenge to operator’s traditional voice business and the revenue streams they generate from it. The other is the emergence of wideband voice, which gives operators an opportunity to bring something new to consumers in voice. All this is raising a lot of questions, about the business threats and opportunities, as well as the technical solutions.

As VoiceGurus, we’ll be taking a look at these issues, analyze them and give our insights and opinions. We would like to invite you to get involved in the discussion. What’s on your mind about the new world of voice calling? Our regular blogging team is ready to share news, opinions and technical and market insights every week on this blog.

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