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Man using tablet in speakerphone mode

VoiceExperience 4.0: more for speakerphone mode

If you’re a regular reader, you probably saw Ralf Funken’s post on LifeVibes VoiceExperience in April. VoiceExperience is voice call quality enhancement software for mobile devices and computers.

NXP Software has just released a new version of their voice call quality enhancement software: LifeVibes VoiceExperience 4.0! VoiceExperience 4.0 now supports 2-mic speakerphone calling and enables handsfree conversations with smart devices. Even if you’re in a really noisy place like an Indian city, VoiceExperience lets you talk and hear easily.

The voice enhancement algorithms in VoiceExperience 4.0 processes both incoming and outgoing speech signals.

Infographic VoiceExperience 4.0

Infographic VoiceExperience Tx Rx

To find out more, visit the VoiceExperience product page www.nxpsoftware.com.


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