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Student Internships

Each year NXP Software recruits between 2 to 4 internship students. These internships are based in Leuven, Belgium and are suitable for students looking for a Master’s degree project within industry. All the projects are based on the core technology of NXP Software and give the student the opportunity to become temporarily part of the research team and work alongside industry experts. All projects are based on software and digital signal processing and most of them are related to voice communications.

To be eligible for an internship you need:

  • to be following a full time Master’s degree
  • the project must be part of the degree course
  • you must either be studying in Belgium or be a citizen of the European Union.
  • you must have solid grounding in DSP and ideally some experience with voice processing
  • have good results from you studies
  • have a good standard of English
  • be highly motivated

If you are interested please make contact with the author for further details.

An industry-based project has some not so obvious advantages:

  • You will have two supervisors, one in the University and one in NXP Software.
  • Your NXP Software supervisor is allocated 6 hours per week to follow your project. This is normally far more time than is made available for student projects within their University.
  • Success in the project is important to us. You need to do the work but we are highly motivated to help you succeed.
  • You will be treated as part of the team and can join in our social events

To give you an idea of how it can go….. Last year one of our students really added his own ideas to the project. He passed his degree with a very good result, we considered patenting his ideas (he would have been named as the first inventor), he is now writing up his work for publication in an academic journal and he hopes to present it at an international conference. He will begin work on his doctorate very soon.  Could I be describing you this time next year?

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