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Strategies for Contextual Communication

The phenomenon of contextual communications is a fundamental shift in value for voice, video and messaging. We are moving away from stand-alone telephone calls and SMS, where the transport was central and linked to the application. Communications will both be embedded in context (apps, websites, devices) and will use contextual information to drive better outcomes for users.

We are moving from a world of “dumb services” such as phone calls, to one where the value comes from the use of increasingly smart machines that assist us to get jobs done. For them to work they need contextual data about our purpose or intent.

Dean Bubley and Martin Geddes, both experts and analysts on mobile telecom, have teamed up and organized a workshop for senior industry peers on current and future developments in contextual communication, the impact of generic Internet/data transport, open media protocols, pervasive sensors, machine learning and advanced analytics.

Martin’s long-term exploration of Hypersense and Dean’s near-term research into WebRTC both indicate: a key emerging growth area is “contextual communications”. This workshop will be a day of insight, debate and networking where they will explore contextual communication. There will also be a unique “open mic” session where attendees can give a quick demo or presentation.

NXP Software will be attending this event and we will also present and demonstrate our vision and solution on contextual communication.

Date and location

The event will be held on Tuesday June 15 from 9.30 AM until 5.30 PM in the The Westbury Hotel Bond Street, Mayfair London, W1S 2YF


Registrations for this event can be done via the following websites:

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