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CEVA Symposium Oct 2012 Taiwan

NXP Software Voice lecture on CEVA DSP Symposium

Over the recent years, CEVA Technologies has established itself as a well-known DSP player in the mobile industry. Particularly the company’s TeakLite III core has been extremely successful over the last years, with design-ins in numerous mobile baseband modems. A good example is the Intel XMM series, acquired from Infineon in 2010, one of the most successful modem series of the last 3 years.

And there is more good stuff to come. CEVA will be hosting a series of lectures in 2012 where the company will present lectures about their latest technologies and innovations to their industry partners and the press. The first of these symposiums will be on Tuesday October 16th in Taiwan, followed by a similar event on October 18th in Shanghai, China. As CEVA partner and voice enhancements provider, NXP Software will present voice processing technology for different use cases, the application requirements and voice architecture choices. Stay tuned on VoiceGurus.com for the latest updates on these two events.

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