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Mobile World Congress 2013

VoiceGurus at MWC2013

Visit the NXP Software stand 7C101 at Mobile World Congress 2013 and join the VoiceGurus in giving users of mobile devices a premium experience – whether making a call, watching video content or keeping up with family and friends, expect a great experience, regardless of the device, platform or service in use.

So come and discover how NXP Software brings a premium experience to voice communication – whatever device, platform or service. Try out the hands-on demos and see and hear the difference LifeVibes multimedia software makes. Be amazed by the interactive demos on the video wall. Hear how the enhancements in LifeVibes VoiceExperience make a real difference in real-life situations. Experience the next generation in noise suppression for yourself under the demanding conditions of the MWC show. Play on our LifeVibes touch table and find out more about how our voice and video solutions enable phone manufacturers to deliver a premium voice quality on any device and across all platforms.

Interested in meeting the NXP software VoiceExperience team? The authors of the VoiceGurus blog? You can make an appointment on this webpage on NXP Software website.

Curious about the demo’s and presentations of the Mobile World Congress 2013? NXP software will keep you posted on the MWC 2013 page.

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