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IAWENC Edwin Zuidema stage

IWAENC, the International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement

IWAENC, the International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement, is a regular technical event for leaders in the world of acoustics. NXP Software was Gold Sponsor 2014

The 2014 IWAENC event was help in September at the Palais de Congres in Antibes on the French Riviera. The 2014 workshop set out to focus on theory and algorithms for digital enhancement of acoustic signals, as well as on signal processing applications in areas like digital cell phones, audio-visual conferencing systems, voice control systems and hearing aids. The three day technical program consisted of oral and poster presentations, keynote talks, and demonstrations.

As Gold Sponsor of the event, NXP Software had an exhibition booth and Edwin Zuidema, NXP Software Marketing Director, Speech & Sensing, also gave a keynote presentation to delegates. “It was exciting to share our vision with our expert peers in the world of acoustics,” Zuidema said. “And after the presentation I had the benefit of a lot of feedback and inputs to our innovation roadmap.”

Mr Zuidema was also enthusiastic about the exhibition area. “Once again, we got invaluable feedback about our products from world-class acoustic experts, and even had the opportunity to start some new commercial relationships.”

NXP Software fielded their own team of experts at this showcase event. Aurelie Donjon, Sung-Kyo Jung and Bruno Defraene were some of the NXP people who attended the conference sessions and met with fellow acoustic experts from around the world. Here’s their feedback about the event:

Aurelie Donjon, Acoustic and Speech processing engineer, found the opportunity for networking valuable: “There was a good balance between plenary talks, poster sessions and time for discussion. Most important for me is the opportunity to meet new talent, find new potential collaborations, to discuss state of the art technologies with researchers from all over the world, and to maintain my technical network.”
Sung-Kyo Jung, R&D Engineer, liked the way the conference is structured: “There is only one single track in the technical program, so all people participated in the same session, like plenary talks or poster sessions. Furthermore, the committees organized a social event and arranged to eat lunch together during workshops. So, it’s very natural and easy to get to know various people.”
Bruno Defraene, Voice Researcher, found it useful to demonstrate NXP Software’s IP. “At the demo booth we had the opportunity to show our artificial bandwidth extension and audio context recognition software, and at the same time we have gathered valuable feedback from the research community.”

The 2016 IWAENC event is scheduled to be held in China. We’ll give more information here on the VoiceGurus blog nearer the time.

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