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Interspeech 2015 review

Interspeech 2015: Speech beyond Speech

The Interspeech’s 2015 conference proved a week full of very interesting keynotes, good meetings and a lot of feedback from both academic and industrial visitors. The future of speech in our connected world is bright.

Interspeech 2015 sponsorThe event is sponsored by major companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, which showcased their smart Echo speaker. Their presence is a strong signal that major companies spearhead future innovations on speech interaction with devices, cars, washing machines or any other IOT device or application.

The adaption of speech interaction is growing rapidly and the latest academic research and technologies presented at Interspeech will support this process. Some interesting topics were:

  • Speech Perception, Production, and Acquisition
  • Phonetics, Phonology, and Prosody
  • Speaker and Language Identification
  • Analysis of Speech and Audio Signals
  • Speech Coding and Enhancement
  • Speech Recognition
  • Signal Processing, Acoustic Modeling, Robustness, and Adaptation

Our mission to develop natural acoustics speech and sensing solutions fully corresponds with Interspeech goals and that is why NXP Software sponsored and showcased our software solutions at this year’s event.

Interspeech NXP Software booth

At our booth we demonstrated the latest innovations and features of our LifeVibes VoiceExperience software solution, which were very well received by the visitors. Here is a summary of the demo’s.


ActiveVoiceContrast ensures intelligibility improvement of Rx speech by analyzing local noise and incoming speech.


AudioCapture ensures pristine audio recordings on devices. It is an advanced mobile audio enhancement solution for both audio capturing and video capturing.


Wind Noise Suppression is part of LifeVibes VoiceExperience and ensures comfortable high quality voice call in a windy outdoor environment.

You can also download the Interspeech handout. Click on the image.

Interspeech 2015 Handout image

Next Interspeech

We would like to thank everybody who met up with us and visited our booth. We would also like to thank Interspeech for their excellent organization of this year’s event. We look forward to joi Interspeech at the next event.

Interspeech 2015 organization

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