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Demo of high quality voice in speaker mode

Excellent demo of noise suppression on mobile device with LifeVibes VoiceExperience 4.0. Demo was recorded at Qualcomm Upling 2013 conference and recorded with 2 mobile devices simultaneously to present the viewer with the actual sound from the mobile device.

Speakerphone mode calling is used more and more by consumers as a replacement of the traditional handset mode. It gives the caller the freedom to perform other tasks and multiple persons can join the conversation.

VoiceExperience 4.0 enables high quality speakerphone mode on smart devices. The mobile conversation will have high quality speech and no distortion, noise or echoes. Other benefits are:

  • 2-microphone noise suppression, device position and device movements don’t influence the sound quality.
  • Suppresses both static and dynamic background noise and the residual background noise stays is true to the original.
  • Does not distort nor attenuate speech and automatically adjusts of speech level in contrast to background noises.
  • Acoustic echo cancellation and reduction of room reverberation.
  • Supports handset, handheld and desktop speaker mode.

Here is the Korean version of the same Demo:

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