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AudioCapture: Pristine audio for more memorable videos 2/2

In the first article in a series of two, we looked at why the recorded sound of your mobile phone video sounds so different from the real life experience. The human ear perceives sound so much different than an omnidirectional microphone on our smartphone. We identified three key factors that influence your recording: wind, phantom noises and the power to focus.

Tackling the key challenges

NXP Software developed the LifeVibes AudioCapture software solution. It aims at improving the sound quality of smart devices in the following key areas.

Suppress wind noise

By extracting specific wind noise features, we can steer our audio processing to mitigate the noise to any degree necessary: so if there is no wind no processing is needed but when it is very windy, significant processing is required. The goal is to protect the desired audio as much as possible.

Suppress general noise

While music noise is an undesired signal during calling, it can actually be the desired sound when recording a video. By combining a tiny bit of normal suppression with intelligent suppression of specific noises, we can deliver a nicely rounded performance. The video’s audio then only contains the sounds you want to hear – rain, waves on the beach – while removing the ones you don’t want.

What you see is what you hear

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Increase the correlation between the recorded sound scene and the video scene, by zooming the audio to match the camera’s visual zoom. It is a bit like only listening in the direction you are looking.

Capture memorable moments easily

With LifeVibes AudioCapture integrated on a phone, we enable the end user to make pristine captures of the sound. While creating LifeVibes AudioCapture was a big challenge, integration itself is easy. Set-up is done together with device manufacturers and several predefined scenarios allow AudioCapture to be easily tailored to the specific audio requirements of each manufacturer.

Now, it is your turn

There are still quite some challenges ahead of us in making mobile recordings even better. We want to know what is your story or frustration from your mobile recorded videos.

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