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Android Fragmentation

Android Device Differentiation in 2015

The wireless network experts from OpenSignal have released their yearly report on ‘Android Fragmentation’ and it is full of interesting facts and figures. The excellent visualization shows the variety of Android devices per brand/model and with their share in the Android ecosystem:

(source: http://opensignal.com/reports/2015/08/android-fragmentation/)

Fragmentation or Differentiation?

The report talks about fragmentation and the challenges for developers, as the devices vary in form-factor, screen-size, functionality, Android version, et cetera. But the bright side of the Android ecosystem medal is that more devices means also more consumer differentiation: Android device manufacturers want to release unique devices to satisfy the variety in demands of consumers around the world!

LifeVibes Solutions are a strong theme

Looking at the report, and specifically at the visualization, we decided to try to visualize the Android devices that run one or more of NXP Software’s LifeVibes™ software solutions. The following shows the penetration of LifeVibes on Android devices:

LifeVibes on Android

(Note that we focused on identifying the top-100 devices, and probably missed quite a few devices)

Although the fragmentation is growing, we can see LifeVibes software solutions as a persistent and growing theme throughout the Android ecosystem, powering more than 30% of the Android devices world-wide. This is due to easy deployment on various hardware platforms (thanks to strategic partnerships with leading platform providers), highly customizable solutions (to fulfill the specific needs of device manufacturers), and of course innovation (to create real differentiation).

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our customers world-wide for recognizing the differentiation that LifeVibes brings. We promise to continue pushing the edge of Speech and Sensing innovation to make your devices smarter, more human, more you.

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